Launched in 2010, Peak Facilitation Group is a small business devoted to conflict resolution and rooted in reality. Her previous work in the field taught founder Heather Bergman that while most groups can find agreement, all groups benefit from respectful dialogue. Plus, she has a gift for barking orders or gently nipping at a group’s heels…whichever is required.

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“Heather could break up a fight in a biker bar.” —Gary Barber / Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority

Heather Bergman - Senior Facilitator and President of Peak Facililation Group

Heather Bergman
Senior Facilitator and President

Heather Bergman facilitates and mediates complex public policy deliberations on a variety of substantive issues, including water quality, water quantity, watershed protection and restoration, land use planning, and public lands management. These collaborative negotiations and discussions involve diverse stakeholders from federal and state agencies, local municipalities, advocacy organizations, ranchers, farmers, community residents, and the public at large.

Much of Heather’s work portfolio focuses on high-conflict collaborative processes, and her strength is helping diverse and often opposing participants find common ground. Heather also has an extensive background in designing and managing retreats, workshops, and public outreach meetings for teams and organizations in need of a targeted process for achieving their goals. Heather uses humor to defuse tense situations, help participants feel at ease, move beyond initial barriers, and find consensus.

Sam Haas - Associate

Sam Haas

Sam Haas is an Associate at Peak Facilitation with an MA in Conflict Resolution, concentrating in public policy stakeholder engagement from the University of Denver. She has significant experience facilitating community conversations and public engagement processes regarding land management, forest planning, and municipal action prioritization. Along with resource planning facilitation, Sam is a skilled interpersonal and community mediator with particular expertise in convening and facilitating sustained dialogues relating to contentious issues such as health care, immigration, and social identity.

Before moving to Colorado to pursue her Master’s degree, Sam worked for the Kettering Foundation, an operating research foundation that focuses on creating deliberative and collaborative community decision-making processes. She received her mediation certification from the University of Denver and a certification in Public Policy Facilitation of Natural Resource Conflicts from CDR Associates. Originally from Vermont, Sam has a BA in International Relations from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD.

Dan Myers - Associate

Dan Myers

Dan Myers is an Associate at Peak Facilitation specializing in stakeholder engagement and technical writing. Transparency and meaningful engagement serve as his overarching priorities as he meets client needs, interacts with stakeholders, and collaborates with Peak team members. Dan proactively communicates with facilitation participants to create accurate meeting summaries and to ensure clarity around project goals, logistics, and meeting documents. Dan provides key logistical and informational support for clients such as the Forest Health Advisory Committee, the Front Range Roundtable, the Interbasin Compact Committee, and the South Platte River Urban Waters Partnership.

Prior to joining the Peak Facilitation team, Dan served as a Research Assistant for Healthcare Without Harm’s Healthy Food in Healthcare Program, where he assisted with development and implementation of a national survey of nonprofit hospitals’ community benefit spending and community health priorities. Dan has a BA in International Studies from the University of Denver. He developed his passion for solving complex natural resource issues after earning undergraduate research scholarships to study land reform in northern Malawi and the decline of pastoralism in southern Madagascar.

Calley Schubert - Operations Manager

Calley Schubert
Operations Manager

Calley Schubert is the Operations Manager at Peak Facilitation. She is a team thinker, and her focus on increasing productivity and performance helps to make everything run smoothly behind the scenes on all Peak's projects. Calley excels at planning and stragetizing, and has experience with outreach and communication, project management, and administration. She received her B.A. in psychology from the University of Denver.